Citrix Validated Solution for Nutanix on Hyper-V

Hot off the Citrix presses is a very thorough solution design document, called Citrix XenDesktop 7.1 on Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 on Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform. Whew, that’s a quite a mouthful. What is it? It’s a document, nearly 100 pages long, detailing how to deploy both Citrix VDI (XenDesktop) and RDS (XenApp) for 1,000 users on the Nutanix platform.

It provides prescriptive guidance for these components including the design, configuration and deployment settings that customers can mirror and quickly adopt for their environment. This reduces risk, decreases deployment time, and increases confidence in the solution as a whole.

Components of the solution included Windows Server 2008 R2 for hosted shared desktops, Windows 7 x64 for hosted virtual desktops, all running on the Nutanix NX-3060 platform. Login VDI was used to simulate the 1,000 user workload for both scenarios. What I really like about the document is how thorough Citrix was in documenting every aspect of the test environment. And by every aspect, I really do mean every aspect.

For example, they list the complete list of required hardware, VM HW specs, load balancing details, user profile types, software versions down to all Windows baseline applications, licensing details, GPOs, NIC teaming setup, Hyper-V storage configuration, VMM configuration, shared folder paths, and a lot more. Everything you need to exactly replicate the configuration is in the document, and that’s no small feat.

I’m not easily impressed, and this document blew me away. The figure below is an example of 1,000 hosted shared desktops, and how they are distributed across several Nutanix nodes. 2014-07-09_13-37-11

And here’s another  diagram from the document showing the various Citrix components and how they relate to each other. 2014-07-09_13-36-40A

If this interests you at all, then I would highly suggest the you checkout all the available resources. This includes a webinar with Nutanix’s Lukas Lundell, a two-page solution brief here, and the complete 90+ page CVS document here. Happy reading!

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