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SQL 2017 Always-on AG Pt. 8: ​AAG Setup

​In this installment we will perform several tasks needed to successfully configure a SQL 2017 Always-On Availability Group (AAG). Tasks include Windows firewall rules (if you use the Windows firewall), configuring a replication folder, creating a small sample database, and finally configuring the SQL AAG.​We will need to create two...

SQL 2017

SQL 2017 Always-On AG Pt. 2: VM Deployment

First up in this series is deploying your two Windows Server 2016 VMs, which will be the SQL 2017 Always-on availability group nodes. Each VM should be configured with the same VM hardware properties. Selecting the right virtual hardware configuration is important, regardless of which hypervisor you are using. Memory,...

SQL 2017

SQL 2017 Always-On AG Pt. 1: Introduction

​In this series of posts I will show you how to configure SQL 2017 on Windows Server 2016 with Always-on Availability Groups. I will also be pointing out Nutanix AHV and VMware vSphere configuration best practices along the way. As you will see, 98% of the configuration is hypervisor independent.​SQL...

Ignite 2015: Benchmarking SQL AlwaysOn

Session: BRK3557: Baselining and Benchmarking AlwaysOn Availability Groups In this session the speaker went through what SQL AlwaysOn availability groups is, and why the customer wanted to use it. Then he went through how he setup his testing, RAID levels, and listed the SQL perform stats that he monitored during...

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