Announcing Nutanix Era 1.3 Release

Hot off the press is Nutanix Era v1.3. What is Era? 

Era is a database as a service (DBaaS) that automates and simplifies database administration, brings one-click simplicity and invisible operations to database provisioning and life-cycle management. Era enables database administrators to provision, clone, and refresh the database clones at any point in time.

Era allows administrators to define standards for their database provisioning needs with end-state driven functionality that includes High Availability (HA) database deployments. Era automates and simplifies the operations such as provisioning of databases and copy data management.

What's new?

1. Cluster Time Machine
      Introduced Time machine functionality for clustered databases (Oracle RAC, Microsoft SQL Server AAG, Postgres HA)
2. vCenter API Integration
      Era now supports PVSCSI, EFI, VM distribution in clustered environments
3. Era Deployment Enhancements
      The DNS/SMTP/NTP/TimeZone information gets fetched from PE during initial deployment of Era
4. SQL Server Single Instance Restore
      Implemented database restore capability for SQL server source databases
5. Oracle DB Provisioning with ASM filter driver (AFD)
     Oracle ASM Filter Driver simplifies the configuration and management of disk devices and eliminates accidental overwrites of Oracle ASM disks
6. SQL Server support to clone into higher versions of SQL Server
      Databases of a specific version can now be cloned to database servers with higher versions of SQL Server installed
7. UI Japanese support enhancement
Added UI enhancements and bug fixes for Japanese language support.

In addition, there are dozens of customer suggested improvements and bug fixes. 

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