Ignite 2015: Benchmarking SQL AlwaysOn

Session: BRK3557: Baselining and Benchmarking AlwaysOn Availability Groups

In this session the speaker went through what SQL AlwaysOn availability groups is, and why the customer wanted to use it. Then he went through how he setup his testing, RAID levels, and listed the SQL perform stats that he monitored during the benchmarking. The speaker used a scripted run of SQLIO to perform his benchmark tests. He covered SQL IO sizes, number of threads, and how to scale up to simulate the customer’s environment.

He went into a long discussion about max threads, and how the type of query affects how many threads are spawned. SQL has a max number of worker threads, so understanding how many threads you are spawning when doing at-scale testing is important. He also tuned the cost threshold for parallelism to control the number of spawned threads.

InĀ  the end, he was successful in performing at-scale benchmarks and the customer’s system was implemented successfully. Be sure to check out the session recording for all of the gory details.



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