Nutanix Collector 3.4 is now GA

Hot off the press is Nutanix Collector, v3.4. What is Nutanix Collector? Nutanix Collector collects the cluster statistics such as usage data of the allocated resources from AHV, ESXi, and Hyper-V clusters. Nutanix Collector provides a simple method to quickly capture configuration and performance metrics of your virtualized environments and improves your understanding of the usage of resources. The data collected by using Nutanix Collector can then be imported into Nutanix Sizer enabling for the most accurate planning & recommendations.

What's new?


  • VM Provisioning Status in VM Summary & VM List
    • A new donut providing breakup of VMs by Provisioning Status is now available VMs Summary tab.
    • VM Provisioning Status column is also added to the VM List tab. The column lists the provisioning status of all the VMs.
  • Sorting of VM List
    • VM list tab can now be sorted based on the column values along with the filtering capability
  • Collector output exported as XLSX now includes the VM List sheet
    • Exported XLSX includes an additional sheet for VM List that allows you to look at individual VMs and their attributes.
  • VM level IOPS value available for vCenter Server
    • In the case of vCenter environments, the VM level IOPS values are available.
  • Updated column headers in XLSX export
    • Improved the column headers in exported XLSX by adding relevant units and renaming a few column names.
  • Collector output exported as XLSX now includes a Metadata sheet
    • Exported XLSX includes a Metadata sheet that captures information relating to the version of the Collector used to capture the data.


  • Windows Bits are now signed
    • The Collector bundle for Windows is now digitally signed to confirm the software author and guarantee that the code has not been altered or corrupted.
  • AES asymmetric encryption for enhanced security
    • AES asymmetric encryption is used for enhanced security while uploading the Collector data to the Collector Portal.
  • Collector download bundle now includes the Collector Security Guide
    • The Collector Security Guide is now included in the Collector download bundle.


  • Resolved an issue that caused login issues when non-ASCII characters are used in the password.
  • Resolved the drive capacity and quantity issues in the “Host Summary” screen in the case of Prism environments.
  • The column header units in the XLSX export are updated from MB to MiB for accuracy.

Download: Collector v3.4


Collector is a historical and point in time performance capture technology which collects configuration and performance data of servers and its components. It specifically applies to understanding physical or virtual server workload performance at an individual machine, cluster, or datacenter level.

The metrics collected derives useful data and gives you the ability to analyze performance at the individual host level, simulate the effect of combining hosts or clusters. Collector is non-invasive and will make no modifications to your environment. It only runs on clusters you choose and uses public APIs.  

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