VMware Publishes vSphere 5.1 SSL Implementation Guides

As people quickly found out when vSphere 5.1 was released, installation and configuration of¬†vSphere 5.1 SSL¬†certificates was very painful and no accurate VMware documentation existed. Through a lot of work and help from some of my readers, I published a process that was pretty successful but required some workarounds and wasn’t “official”. VMware is now making public a series of KB articles that are much more accurate and usable. I reviewed a draft version, and spotted a few areas that I gave VMware feedback on. You can find the KB articles here.

As I install the vSphere 5.1.0A update, and review all of the KB articles, I will update any of my posts as needed. Most seemed spot on, but they did have a different method for fixing the Web Client and Log Browser SSL issues. So that post will get a re-write once I can test the procedures. I should get everything updated over the weekend.

vSphere 5.1 SSL Install Guides

If you want to follow a whole series of blog posts on how to install vCenter 5.1, soup to nuts, then check out my posts here.

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