New Cisco UCS Firmware – 2.0(4b)

Today Cisco release a new firmware bundle for their UCS servers, 2.0(4b). No major fixes in the bundle. You can find the full Release Notes here. If you want to run Windows Server 2012, 2.0(4a) is the minimum supported version you need to be running. You can check out my blog post about that here.

KVM Viewer no longer fails to establish a connection to the KVM Server if the trusted.certs keystore password is not the default. (CSCuc48582)

User passwords with more than three consecutive characters or numbers are no longer accepted by Cisco UCS Manager. (CSCtq09466)

When polling ipAdEntIfIndex, “No Such Instance currently exists at this OID to the MDS boxes” error is no longer received. (CSCub84958)

SNMP no longer returns a “No such instance” error when VRF context is configured. (CSCub90031)

Chassis with four PSUs and n+1 power redundancy no longer displays “Power state on chassis X is redundancy-failed” error. (CSCub84671)

The Cisco UCS Manager GUI no longer displays “Unable to authenticate this site certificate” messages. (CSCub94755)

The Cisco UCS B200 M3, B22 M3, and B420 M3 Blade Servers no longer experience `Server Hardware Not Supported’ or discovery errors when you are upgrading from Release 2.0(2) to Release 2.0(3) or 2.0(4) and the blades are inserted into a UCS DC chassis. (CSCuc35326)

The KVM Java client will no longer display an error/warning message stating that the KVM certificate to the blade has expired. (CSCuc26360)

The IOM upgrade no longer fails and gets into a continuous reboot after the IOM is activated by the FI. (CSCuc15009)

Cisco UCS Manager is no longer truncating the last digit of the license file id from the license. (CSCuc32555)
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