Nutanix AOS 5.0.1 enabled for 1-click upgrades

Earlier this year Nutanix released AOS 5.0, which contained dozens and dozens of new features and enhancements. As Nutanix customers know, we have 1-click upgrades for AOS. Prism will automatically notify you when there is an updated AOS version available. While customers can immediately download new releases from the portal and use 1-click upgrades, Nutanix delays the automatic notification on major releases until the first maintenance release comes out. This allows customers that want the absolute latest code to download it manually, but gives more conservative customers time for the release to mature before it’s automatically downloaded by Prism.

As of this week, AOS 5.0.1 will now automatically appear in Prism as a 1-click upgrade option. So if you have been holding off on AOS 5.0 until the first maintenance release, you need not wait any longer. Check Prism for software updates and you should see AOS 5.0.1 available.

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