VMTurbo in the Cloud is here

The SaaS market is becoming very popular, and software that was once only on-prem is now migrating to the cloud. I’m excited to announce that with VMTurbo 5.2, it is now offered as SaaS deployment through AWS. This means you can now¬†control your on-prem environment with VMTurbo in the cloud. That sounds like a great combination to me. VMTurbo claims deployment is less than 3 minutes in AWS.

And better then deploying it in 3 minutes, is that for a limited time it is completely free. AWS will still charge you for running the VM, but the VMTurbo license is free. You can check out their full blog post about it here.

I also have it on good authority that an Azure SaaS option is in the works, but not quite ready for GA. So if you are an Azure customer and love VMTurbo, just hold on a bit longer and you will also have a solid deployment option.

On a side note, VMTurbo is also a strong partner with Nutanix. And in fact, a version of VMTurbo that has deep Nutanix support is in early adopter (EA) phase. GA of the Nutanix-aware version is due out in August 2015. So if you are a Nutanix customer and use AWS, shortly you can control your Nutanix clusters from the cloud! Read all about it here.


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