Ignite 2015: Server Nano: The Future

Session: BRK2461

Note: This was a great session with the right balance of technical content. Demo gods were not with the speakers, so a couple of demos failed. Definitely worth viewing the video of though!

  • Voice of the customer: Reboots impact my business, server images are too big, infrastructure requires too many resources, and security is a top concern.
  • Windows Server Nano has been 10 years in the making
  • Local admin GUIs on servers are poison
  • Cloud Journey: (Azure does not have live migration). Patches and reboots interrupt service delivery.
  • Microsoft realized they need a server OS optimized for the cloud
  • A new headless, 64-bit, only deploy option. No RDP access.
  • Zero footprint model – Server roles and operational features live outside of nano server. Standalone packages that install like apps.
  • Full Windows server driver support (no special drivers)
  • Roles: Hyper-V, scale out file server, and clustering. Core CLR, ASP.NET, and PaaS
  • Anti-malware is built in
  • Demos Hyper-V manager and failover clustering GUIs connecting to Nano server
  • You can do offline domain join with nano server
  • Eliminates the need to ever sit in front of a server
  • Supports desired state configuration with SCCM. Supports core PowerShell and WMI
  • Core PowerShell is available on Nano, not FULL PowerShell. Relies on CoreCLR, not full .NET which is not available on Nano server.
  • Supports for all cmdlet types: C#, Script and CIM. Not all PowerShell commandlets are available. Approximately 600 commands available in tech preview 2.
  • Intellisense for Powershell works on Nano
  • Shows off bi-directional file transfer via powershell
  • Remote server management tools: Web-based, includes replacement for local only tools (task manager, registry editor, event viewer, device manager, etc.) .GUI also manages server core and server with GUI.
  • Nano server can be your cloud application platform
  • Subset of Win-32
  • Supports Windows server containers
  • What runs on Nano? Chef, PHP, Nginx, Python 3.5, GO, Redis, MySQL, OpenSSL, Java, Ruby, SQLite
  • Search Channel 9 for Nano videos
  • Nano needs 1/10 the critical security patches that full server needs.
  • Only 22 running services vs. 46 on full server
  • 12 open ports vs. 31 open on full server
  • Boot IO is 150MB vs. 255 for server core
  • Setup time is 40 seconds, 5 minutes for server core
  • Can PXE boot server Nano, deploy and customize in less than 3 minutes
  • Disk footprint is 400MB vs. 5GB for core
  • VHDX size is 400MB vs. 6.3GB for core
  • No MSI support in Nano
  • Focused on two scenarios: Cloud OS infrastructure, and born in the cloud apps
  • Beginning of a HUGE refactoring process of the server OS. Only need the components you need should be installed.
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