Attention! My blog is moving!

Back in January 2009 I started my own blog, after blogging for a former employer as one of our quarterly professional development goals. Since then I’ve managed to write over 400 articles, and got over 1200 comments. I was also awarded VMware vExpert status in 2012 for my blogging efforts. With the release of vSphere 5.1 and the complicated install, traffic exponentially grew due to my 15-part installation series that is quite popular. This spring I was also voted a Top 25 Virtualization Blogger, which really blew me away.

So now that my blogging is gaining a wider audience some big changes are in store in the very near future that will allow me to produce better content and enable better branding:

  • I’ve already redirected the not-so-professional BlogSpot subdomain Derek858 to my own domain,
  • I’m working on a completely new hosted WordPress site that will be easier to read and allow me to more easily post scripts and customize the look at feel to my liking. I had no idea there were so many plug-ins and how easy it is to configure.

My WordPress site is still under construction, but will go live at in the very near future. I’m pretty excited about the transition and the new features it will bring me and the community. Should everything go well, redirection for all old links and RSS feeds will happen automatically for most people.

I’ve also migrated my RSS feed to FeedBlitz as well, and you can find that at If you are an RSS subscriber I suggest you update the URL for future proofing.

If you’ve bookmarked my site in your favorite browser I’d also suggest you change the site to All permalinks will stay the same and will re-direct to my WordPress site, so most people won’t even realize the move except for the totally different look and feel of the new site.

I can’t wait to put the final touches on my site and flip the big switch in the sky (um I mean DNS server).  Stay tuned…..a new begging is near!

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