Voted into the Top 25 Virtualization Bloggers for 2013

For a number of years vSphere-Land has a vote drive for the top VMware Virtualization blogs. After some nail biting for the last week, the results are finally in! And to my surprise and delight I was voted into the Top 25 Virtualization Bloggers for 2013, at number 24. I feel very honored I’m glad my hard work with all my blogging has been appreciated by the community.

There are some great first timers on the list, such as Cormac Hogan which has stellar storage related blog articles. And of course Mike Webster (Long White Clouds), focusing on security and SSL certificates. I’m honored to be a first timer on the list, and broke into the top 25 at #24! I also made the Favorite Independent Blogger at #11, just after Julian’s Great blog (WoodITWork).

You can check out the whole list at vSphere-Land here. But here’s a snippet of the Top 25 Virtualization Bloggers for 2013. Thanks for everyone that voted, I’m honored!

Top 25 Virtualization Bloggers

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