Nutanix + vSphere 7.0 Now Supported

Update 8/25/2020: AOS 5.18 (STS) is now GA and AOS 5.15.2 (LTS) is now also GA. Both support vSphere 7.0. 

One of the cornerstones of Nutanix is choice. Choice of hardware platforms and choice of hypervisor. I am very pleased to announce that we now fully support VMware vSphere 7.0 on Nutanix AOS STS 5.17.1 (short term support), with LTS support shipping in AOS 5.15.2.

Customers will need to be running the following minimum versions of our products before they upgrade their hypervisor to vSphere 7.0:

AOS 5.17.1 or 5.18 (STS) or 5.15.2 (LTS)
LCM 2.3.2
NCC 3.10.0
Foundation 4.5.4

Be sure to check out our Acropolis Upgrade Guide which walks you through the supported upgrade path for the entire Nutanix HCI stack. In addition, a must have tool is our compatibility matrix. vSphere 7.0 is enforcing a new device driver model, so be sure to check with your OEM (meaning you aren’t using Nutanix NX nodes) for vSphere 7.0 device compatibility before you grab an ISO and upgrade. 

As an added bonus, there’s Youtube video on how to install ESXi 7.0 on Nutanix, below. Enjoy!

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