Nutanix Move 3.0 (formerly Xtract for VMs) now GA

Hot off the press is Nutanix Move 3.0. Now you might be asking what is Nutanix Move 3.0? Move 3.0 is the next major release of the product formerly called Xtract for VMs. Xtract for VMs was a free Nutanix product that enables super easy migration of VMs to the Nutanix AHV hypervisor. While there are a variety of ways to move VMs into AHV, Move is one of the best tools out there. Did I say free? Yes I did. Several of my customers have used it with great success.

New to Move 3.0:

  • Move services are now Dockerised and all Move and Move Agent Services now run as Docker Containers. Architecturally, this is an important milestone as we “servicify” move and provide the ability to add/update features without much service disruption as well as providing flexibility to run Move anywhere.
  • GA release of Hyper-V as a source, adding to source list of ESXi and AWS 
  • 1-click upgrade of Move. (Support for dark sites ​is coming)
  • Further enhancements to User Experience for Large VM migration with enhanced status updates on the UI
  • Support for a Mixed mode of Source VM setup by allowing for a mix of automatically prepared source VMs and manually prepared source VMs in a migration plan.
  • Support for PEM based authentication for Linux source VMs running on ESXi source
  • Finally, re-branding of “Xtract for VMs” to “Nutanix Move”

Move 3.0 has also qualified support for Centos/RHEL 6.3, Suse Linux enterprise Server 12, Ubuntu 12.0.4 server edition, Ubuntu 18.0.4 server edition guest OSs for ESXi source. In addition, support for Windows Server 2019 guest OS was added for Hyper-V source.

Helpful links:

Release Notes
User Guide
Downloadable Bits

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