Nutanix Acropolis Released

​A couple of weeks ago Nutanix AOS 5.10 was released, along with new versions of AHV (Nutanix Hypervisor) and NCC (Nutanix Cluster Check). These were long term support releases and contains a lot of new features. Today, we released a minor patch release for AOS and Prism Central, version This update resolves an issue with ​licensing and stargate in AOS. Prism Central and AOS both have a fix for LDAPS and a Prism gateway service account issue. 

Useful links:

To upgrade to or to install this version, see the following.

  • Installation and Upgrades provides information you should read before installing or upgrading.
  • Prism Central Guide describes how to upgrade your cluster software.
  • Web Console Guide describes how to install, upgrade, and deploy Prism Central.
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