VMworld 2016: VM and App Protection

Session: INF8939

4 Step Program for Success

  • Define – Gather requirements – RPO/RTO
  • Research and design – look at various technologies
  • Acquire and implement – Document
  • Test and operate – Continuous testing, continuous research

Disaster recovery and business continuity

  • DR is recovery of data
  • BC is the full business process of recoverying

Define Requirements

  • What are you  trying to protect? apps, VMs, DBs, etc.
  • What are you protecting against? data loss, data corruption, disaster, etc.
  • What is your RPO? zero, minutes, hours, days
  • What is your RTO?
  • How long do I need to keep data? retention policy, archiving, etc.

Protection Tiers

  • Tier 1 – mission critical
  • Tier 2 – Required for longer term business continuity
  • Tier 3 – Nice to have but not required

Tape Backup

  • Cheapest medium
  • RPO of hours to days
  • RTO – depends on how much data
  • Good for archival/long term retention

Hardware Snapshots

  • Snap/restore data in seconds from GB to TB
  • Application consistent storage snapshots – not needed for all VMs
  • Data on primary storage can be expensive

Array Replication

  • Async or sync
  • Only changed data sent
  • Flexible RPO options
  • RTO is based on how data is restored

Site Recovery Manager

  • Integrates with vSphere for site failover
  • Able to test and re-test
  • Requires array integration

Continuous Data Protection

  • Flexible RPO options
  • RTO based on amount of data
  • Only changed data sent


  • May be appliance or software based
  • Most  integrate with traditional backup
  • Integrates with CDP


  • Typically continuous backup so low RPO
  • Backup and recovery limited by bandwidth
  • May have longer recovery times
  • Can take a long time to seed backups

vSphere Metro Cluster

  • Zero RPO/RTO (time to restart apps is  not zero)
  • Great for site protection
  • Layer 2 stretching
  • No application specific backup/restore

Fault Tolerance

  • Limited in supported vCPUs
  • Requires high bandwidth between hosts
  • Does not protect against OS/App failures


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