.Next 2016: Business Continuity for Tier-1 Apps

Presenters: Partha R (NTX), Mike McGhee (NTX), Ryan Sheldon (AMGEN)

Tier-1 apps are different for different customers. Could be ERP, EPOS, email, etc.

Need to be prepared for the worst: IT Productivity, recovery, end-user productivity, business disruption, lost revenue, etc.

Data protection requirements: RPO, RTO

Understand consistency: Application consistency (e.g. VSS). Most beneficial in the context of backup and restore.

Technologies: Application (Exchange DAGs, SQL AAGs, Oracle Dataguard), Hypervisor (hyper-v replica, vsphere replication), storage (infrastructure centric, Nutanix Data Protection)

What am I protecting? Application dependencies? One or multiple methods? How frequently do you backup and replicate? Sync vs. async?

Where does Nutanix native replication fit in?

Timestream – RTO of minutes, RPO of minutes

Cloudconnect – RTO hours, RPO hours

Async replication – RTO minutes, RPO minutes

Sync replication – RTO near-zero, RPO zero

Nutanix Local Snapshot (Time stream)

  • Protection against guest os corruption
  • Snapshot of VM environments
  • VM or vdisk granularity
  • Low performance impact
  • VM and application level consistency

Nutanix Async Replication

  • Delta changes
  • Dedupe on the wire
  • Compression on the wire
  • Flexible topologies
  • Bandwidth schedules

Nutanix Cloud Connect

  • Hybrid cloud solution from Nutanix
  • Integration with Azure and AWS
  • For archiving and backup
  • Easy to setup and manage
  • WAN optimized replication
  • Interop with Nutanix DR

Volume Groups with Async Replication

  • Exchange + iSCSI
  • MS SQL Clustering
  • Oracle RAC
  • Bare Metal

Consistency options: VSS

  • VMware Tools or Nutanix guest tools
  • Pre and post scripts for Linux

Consistency options: Consistency Groups

  • For a group of VMs and a consistent restart point


Manufacturing is key. They leverage Metro availability to provide high uptime. Customer set it up in about 10 minutes. With MA they can converge services like DNS, DHCP, etc. and save on licensing costs.


What’s next: Metro Availability Witness coming out in Asterisk, which will automate site-failover.

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