VMworld 2014: What’s new in SRM & vSphere Replication

Session BCO2629

Software defined storage and availability

  • Bringing the efficient operational model of virtualization to storage
  • Common policy based model
  • VM centric data services
  • Abstraction and pooling of infrastructure

vCenter Site Recovery Manager

  • Industry-leading disaster recovery automation solution for vSphere environments
  • Uses array-based replication
  • Use cases include DR, disaster avoidance, planned migration
  • Recovery workflows: Failover automation, non-disruptive failover testing, planned migration, failback automation

What’s new in SRM 5.8?

vCAC Integration

  • vCAC workflow support – Self-service policy-based DR protection for Apps and other workflows
  • VCAC management across both sites. Integration with vCO plugin for SRM
  • New PowerCLI APIs exposed
  • Automated protection mapping according to pre-defined tiers via vCAC
  • DR control delivered as a service to app tenants via vCAC
  • VCO plug-in for SRM offers many workflows like creating protection groups and add VMs. Find protection groups by datastores, etc.


  • 5,000 protected VMs, vice 1,500 in 5.5
  • 2,000 VMs concurrent recovery, vice 1,000 in 5.5
  • Many performance across the board – UP to 75% faster
  • IP customization is a huge time sink, so if you avoid that then recovery will be even faster

Ease of Use

  • Built-in vPostgress database, or can still use external DB
  • Integrated into the vSphere web client

IP Subnet Mapping

  • Can use the dr-ip-customizer – Old method is still there
  • Can now use rules to define customization as part of the network mapping, to preserve parts of the IP address while mapping to the new subnet
  • Based on subnet mask

VSAN + vSphere Replication and Site Recovery Manage: VSAN is compatible with vSphere replication

vSphere Replication  (VR)

  • Included in vSphere essentials plus and higher
  • Protects up to 500 VMs
  • Replication happens at the host level
  • Easy virtual appliance deployment
  • Quick recovery for individual VMs
  • Replication engine for SRM
  • Replicate workloads to vCenter Serer and vCloud Air
  • VR components: vSphere replication management server (VRMS), vSphere Replication Server (VRS), vSphere Replication Agent (VRA)
  • Supports VSS quiescing – Only use if you need to

What’s new in 5.8

  • Replicate to the cloud – vCloud Air
  • vSphere Replication reporting
  • vSphere replication calculator – Allows you to solve for network bandwidth, how many VMs you can protect, and other features
  • Capacity planning appliance fling



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