VMworld 2014: vCenter Server Architecture Deep Dive

Session INF2311, Justin King

vCenter Server Configuration Options: 5.0 –

Configuration Option for v5.5 #1:

  • Use simple installer
  • Multiple vCenters for different geographic locations
  • Single SSO authentication domain

Configuration for 5.5 #2:

  • Centralized SSO on dedicated VM
  • A datacenter with 3 or more solutions (e.g. vCAC, etc.)
  • Availability uses vSphere HA and network load balancer

Utilize A management cluster

  • Run multiple vCenter components together on same virtual machine minus the database
  • Recommendations: 3 vSphere Hosts, enable vSphere HA

vCenter SSO recommendations

  • Embedded vCenter SSO reduces complexity
  • Up to 8 instances
  • 12ms latency
  • Same vSphere.local domain
  • Centralized SSO-only VMs (3 or more solution like vCenter, vCAC, etc.)
  • All configurations: Backup each instance

vSphere client in vSphere 5.5 Update 2 supports HW v10. Yippee!

vCenter Server Tech Preview

  • VMware Platform services controller is now known as a “platform services controller” in addition to SSO. Certificates, licensing, etc. will register with the platform controller.
  • You can embed the PSC (platform service controller) with vCenter, just like you did with SSO
  • Think of the PSC as the new SSO, but with a lot more services
  • The existing SSO topologies (embedded or external) are valid for the SSO
  • You can mix and match PSC embedded and external instances, all sharing the same SSO domain

vSphere 6.0 Tech Preview Install and Upgrade

  • One installer that allows you to choose the deployment type (embedded or external PSC)
  • Asks for all input up front, validate, then will deploy the software
  • Scripted install for advanced users
  • Linux appliance install is completely new with a guided install with pre-check installer
  • Full upgrade path from 5.0, 5.1 and 5.5


  • Appliance model is now on par with Windows in terms of number off VMs and ESXi hosts
  • Linked mode drops ADAM and will be supported on the Linux appliance


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