VMworld 2014: BC/DR: Solution Overview

Session: BCO2410

43% of data center outages are due to power, 31% by IT hardware failure

A comprehensive portfolio for cost-effective IT resilience: Ranges from Oracle RAC, Microsoft MSCS, replication and backup

The hypervisor opens up new opportunities: Knows the needs of all apps in real time, sits directly in the I/O path, global view of underlying infrastructure, hardware agnostic

VMware Software defined storage has BC/DR services like data protection and data replication

Local application availability: vMotion, storage vMotion, fault tolerance, high availability, and app HA

Data protection: vSphere Replication, vSphere Data protection advanced

Site application availability: vCenter site recovery manager, vCloud Air disaster recovery

  • array based replication for zero data loss, available through storage partners
  • vSphere replication: RPO from 15 minutes to 24 hours
  • vSphere Data protection advanced: One day minimum RPO and backup data replication

vSphere Data Protection (VDP)

  • Agentless product
  • Based on EMC Avamar
  • end-to-end integration with vSphere
  • Simplifies backup and recovery of VMs
  • 4x more efficient through dedupe and 6x faster recovery
  • Comes in two editions: VDP and VDP advanced. VDP is appropriate for 50 VMs; VDP advanced for 200 VMs

What’s new in VDP

  • Improved in 5.8 is app-aware agents for SQL clusters and Exchange DAGs
  • New in 5.8 are backup proxies and enhanced restore from replicated backups
  • Configurable parallel backups (up to 24 VMs at a time)
  • Replicate and restore anywhere
  • Support for Linux LVM and EXT4
  • Support up to 20 VDP appliances per vCenter

vSphere Replication

  • Hyervisor based replication
  • VM-centric and storage array agnostic
  • Flexible RPO (15 minutes to 24 hours)
  • Network efficient

Building Blocks for disaster recovery

  • DR Orchestration
  • Replication
  • Backup and Recoery
  • Compute
  • Storage

Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

  • Introduced in 2008
  • 14,000 Customers
  • 2.4 million VMs protected
  • Centralized recovery plans for thousands of VMs
  • non-disruptive recovery testing
  • Automated DR workflows
  • Integrated with the VMware product stack
  • Lowers the cost of DR by 50%
  • Eliminates complexity and risk of manual processes
  • Enables predictable RTOs
  • Provides policy driven DR control for any app
  • 1-click DR
  • Test to rest
  • For disaster recovery, disaster avoidance, and planned migration

What’s new in SRM 5.8?

  • 5x scale of the protection – up to 5,000 VMs
  • 2x scale of recovery – to 2,000 VMs
  • vSphere web client plug-in

vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

  • Warm standby VM in the cloud
  • 15 minutes to 24 hours RPO
  • Terms are 1m, 12m, 24m, 36m subscriptions
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