VMworld 2019: Planning a success vSphere Upgrade

​Session: HBI1462BU

External PSC is deprecated
Flash client is 100% dead
KB66977 - EGODS vSphere 6.0 is March 12, 2020
VMware Lifecycle product matrix: vmware.com/go/lifecycle

Upgrade Paths
"Back in time upgrades" 
KB67077 for upgrade path information

vSphere Interop Matrix: www.vmware.com/go/interop
ESXi Compatibility Checker - Fling
vSphere Health Checks: vCheck, VMware Health Analyzer

Backup Everything First:
vCenter (Appliance - file based backup)
ESXi Hosts - PowerCLI or ESXCLI
Virtual Machines

vSphere upgrade process
-vCenter Server - Installer methods: GUI or via CLI Installer
-ESXi hosts - VUM or CLI method
​-VM tools / VM compatibility. HW v11+ has best performance. HW v9+ specture/meltdown patches
-Storage - VMFS/vSAN -
-Virtual Distributed Switch -

Note: vCenter can manage N-2 versions
VM hardware: Only upgrade if you need the new features. Best to baseline at v11 for optimal performance, but beyond that be conservative.

Upgrade considerations:

​vSphere Central: vspherecentral.vmware.com
vSphere Youtube channel: vmware.com/go/vsphere67playlist

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