VMworld 2019: Day 2 Keynote

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Ray O'Farrell (CTO) comes on stage.

How can you build modern applications that are repeatable and secure? How do you make your developers more productive? How do you take advantage of all the new technology that's available? How do you manage those applications? How do you manage the infrastructure to secure those applications? This is not a linear story. Build and run. 

​Ray discusses a ficticious company Tanzu Tees, to show how VMware can bring technology and solutions to the table.

Building applications are now often leveraging open source and containerized. Build, Run, Manage. On the Build side you have Pivotal and Bitnami.

Announced: VMware cloud on DellEMC.

They demo the simplicity of setting up a SDDC on DellEMC cloud. You can setup application guard rails, and then let the developers work independently within that framework. They demo Kubernetes pods running natively on ESXi. Kubernetes control plane is embedded directly into vCenter.

They demo Tanzu Mission control. Misson Control takes the application centric approach. They demo creating an access control policy for an application. You can configure RBAC delegation within Mission control and it will configure the access across all the clusters across multiple clouds.

How do you secure all these applications and connect it together? Welcome to the stage Marcus. "Connect and protect". How do we manage complex SLAs in a multi-cloud environment? They open the NSX service mesh console. They demo a datacenter failure, and see how the other datacenter takes over and automatically scales out to handle the new load.

How can you successfully implement micro-segmentation in an ever changing landscape? Introducing NSX Intelligence. AI learning and apply data science to all the networking flow, and then automatically create firewall rules. Shows a simulation mode, then a cool GUI image of all the flows.

Can I proactively manage application security? Another demo. Here we are a vSphere admin. AppDefense is shown. In the vSphere client they show the AppDefense plug-in. You can view all the alarms in the console, then go into the AppDefense console and remediate the rogue script.

United States Senate Federal Credit Union.

"Connect and Protect"

NSX Service Mesh
NSX Intelligence

Looking for consistent management. How do you manage the complex microservices environment? WaveFront by IBM. Processes millions of metrics a second. They show Tanzu Tees having a technical issue. Allows you to drill down into the application, and now we see the pricing service having a latency issue. You can then drill down even more to the query level and find what's going wrong. 

vRealize Operations: Project Magna. Allows you to dynamically fix issues, such as those with vSAN.

How do we proactively optimize cost overruns? Cloud Health by VMware. Allows you to predict cost overrunns and send alerts.

VMware Wavefront with Magna
Leverage machine learning to tune the infastructure

How do you onboard employees quickly? Horizon desktops as a service on AWS. New Horizon image management service. VDI is a very commonly deployed workload on VMC on AWS.

How do we stay proactive in application deployment? SLAs can be enforced.

How do secure all the hand held devices? Workspace One Risk analytics. Carbon Black highlights a risk, and it can automatically react. 

VMware Intrinsic Security Vision

Welcomes VMware CTO on stage, Greg.

Shows off HCX that is live migrating a VMC-Azure VM to VMC-AWS.

ESXi on Arm
Cross-Cloud vMotion

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