VMworld 2019: Day 1 Keynote

​Note: As usual for my live blogging posts please forgive any sentence fragments, typos, etc. I'll try and post after each session with just minimal proof reading. Speed trumps perfection at these conferences.

Pat (CEO) walks on stage and welcomes everyone to VMworld 2019. This is his 7th anniversary as the VMware CEO, and his 8th VMworld. "Tech in the age of any". Welcomes the Pivotal team to VMware (recent acqusition). Welcomes Carbon Black to the VMware family as well.

"Digital Tech" - Digital life was very separate from our personal life, back many years ago. Today tech is intertwined with our personal life. 335 million apps in the world. We are defining what's possible. AI, 5G, Edge. Technology amplifies human behavior, whether good or bad. Tech as a force for good. We in tech sit in the driver's seat. 

​Brings on stage a VMware employee that just recently swam the English channel for charity (curing cancer). Pat starts talking about Mercy ships, for all the good work that they do. Angle Medical flight is featured. Gives the people the chance at a second chance. Technology can be used in unanticipiated ways. The end of privacy, disinformation at scale, and crypto crime (bitcoin). Enterprise distributed ledge is ready for the enterprise, though. Good engineering, and engineer for good. Positive exponential impact. 12 million non profits in the world. 4.5% of worldwide GDP. VMware is excited to working with Techsoup to bring the best of tech to non-profits. Welcomes the TechSoup CEO. 

"There's never been a more exciting time to be a technologist." VMware vision: any cloud, any application, any device with intrinsic security.

Any Cloud Any App:

  • Infrastructure options
  • Cloud Services
  • Operations

Good or bad? Chaos or opportunity? Master multi-cloud. 

Our customers insprire us: CommCast. Modern private could with connectivity to the public cloud. FedEx heavily leaverages Pivotal, containers, etc. IHS Markit: Migrating thousands of applications.

Multi-cloud: VMware, AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud

Build, run, manage, connect.

Build Portion

  • Unique challange for developer and IT operations
  • Kubernetes can connect developers and IT operators
  • Container orchestration, but is a lot, lot more

Welcomes a Kubernetes principle engineer on stage (Joe Beda). Kubernetes connects operators and developers. Span any infrastructure, public cloud, private cloud, edge. People almost need to be Kubernetes experts to get the most out of it. But enterprises need something easier. VMware is the #3 open source Kubernetes contributor.

VMware Tanzu - Announced

  • New branch of innovation for Kubernetes
  • Build, run, manage applications
  • Bitnami
  • Pivotal is welcomed again back to the VMware family
  • Pivotal is working closely with Kubernetes

Run Portion

  • ​Project Pacific: Embeds Kubernetes directly into vSphere core product
  • Reachitecting vSphere with Kubernetes
  • vSphere: Supervisor Kubernetes cluster manages ESXi cluster, Storage, Networking
  • ESXi will run Kuberntes in a native manner
  • 30% faster than traditional Linux VMs
  • 8% faster than bare metal


​VMware Tanzu Mission Control

  • Brings developers and IT operations teams together
  • ​Developers can operate within the guardrails that IT ops sets
  • VMware PKS

Build: Bitnami, Pivotal
Run: Project Pacific

CloudHealth: Unified visibility across all clouds (recent acquisition)

Multi-cloud: Operating multiple clouds
Hybrid-cloud: Consistent operations and compatibility across public and private

VMware Cloud Foundation: vSphere, vSAN, NSX, vRealize

Expanding the VMware Cloud on AWS partnership - available in every region

Migrate/Modernize - Which first? Customers want both.

nVidia + VMware + AWS

BitFusion acqusition - just joined VMware. Virtualize GPUs and FPGAs.

VMware + Microsoft Azure - Global solutions

Announcing VMware Clound on Dell EMC with vxrail

​Hybrid Operations

  • vRealize - delivered as a cloud service
  • HCX to help migrate to the cloud
  • HCX enterprise was just announced
  • Bitnami - third party migation services

Edge Use cases

  • Enterprise Edge
  • Thin edge, medium edge, thick edge
  • 5G - telcos to will be key

VMware announces the acqusition of Uhana. 5G optimization.

Rolls a video with Verizon 5G interviews.

Virtual cloud networking: NSX-T, switching, routing, firewall, SDWAN

#1 SDWAN marketshare
NSX Intelligence just announced
​SAIC, USAA - Major NSX customers

Sanjay Poonen welcomed on stage

CTO of Gap and Deputy CTO of Freddy Mac come on stage

Freddy Mac can't refactor 100 million lines of code, so many apps are directly migrated into the cloud.

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