Nutanix Foundation Portable Betas Available

​For Nutanix partners, you will be familiar with our Foundation product. Foundation is how Nutanix bootstraps the hypervisor of your choice and our software stack on to bare metal hardware. Over the years Foundation has evolved and now comes in different forms, for different use cases.

Partners and some customers will instantly recognize the 'CVM' and appliance VM forms of Foundation. The latest addition to the stable is "Portable"' Foundation, which is a native app for both Windows and MacOS platforms. Currently in beta, Portable Foundation v4.3 will allow you bypass the appliance VM ​deployment method ​and use Foundation directly on your PC or Mac. 

Given that ​v4.3 is beta, it's best suited for use in a lab environment to try it out and see what's coming in the pipeline. Feedback is also ways very welcome. If you currently have access to the Foundation page on the Nutanix support portal, you will find the MSI and DMG beta images available. 

GA of Portable Foundation is not too far off, but again, just try the betas in a lab environment to give them a whirl. A lot of exciting changes are coming to Foundation so stay tuned! The portable format is just one of significant enhancements on our roadmap.

In addition to the portable Foundation, the GA version of v4.3 for the CVM and the VM appliance of Foundation are now out​. Check out the release notes for all the improvements that you will see. v4.3 for CVM and VM appliances are production quality, so partners can use those packaged versions in production.


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