Nutanix “Files” 3.2.0 Now GA

​Hot off the press is Nutanix Files, at version 3.2.0. Nutanix Files is our distributed SMB and NFS v4 file server, which runs on the Nutanix platform. Major new features in Files 3.2.0 includes:

  • 140 TB file shares - Files supports shares and exports of up to 140 TB in size. After the admin specifies a 140 TB max capacity when creating or modifying the share or export, the capacity will expand to 140 TB in phases. This feature is available for clusters created starting with Files 3.0.
  • Explicit Paths for Shares and Exports - Customers can specify an explicit file path for newly created shares and exports rather than using an assigned path.
  • SMB3 Signing Performance - Customers implementing SMB3 signing in their Files deployments might see improved sequential read and write operation latency.

Nutanix customers can access the following resources:


​Nutanix is constantly releasing new software, and Files is no different. The release notes also cover squashed bugs, known issues, and installation/upgrade. Files 3.2.0 can run on AOS 5.6 through 5.10 and vSphere 5.5, 6.0, and 6.5.

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