VMworld: What’s new in vSphere

Session: SER2342BU Mike Adams

vSphere 6.5 Updates:

Simplified experience – One appliance, modern APIs, simplified architecture

Built-in security- Secure data, secure infrastructure, secure access, better logging, trusted boot chain

Universal app platform – Any application, anywhere, VMware core technology

Proactive data center mgt – Predictive DRS, proactive HA, integration of vSphere & vROPS

–vSphere 6.5 upgrade path finder (google it)

vSphere 6.5 U1

HTML5 GUI has 90% functionality
vCenter Server Foundation now supports 4 hosts
vSphere 6.0 U3 to vSphere 6.5 U1 upgrade path supported
Product tested for over 8 months
vSphere 6.5 support is now 5 years (Nov 21, 2021)

New Areas for vSphere
vSphere scale-out PnP approach for big data and HPC – difference license
EULA restrictions on what workloads – HPC and big data only
Trying out a ‘basic’ edition in China for 2Qs – reduced feature set

vSphere Tech Preview and Highlights
Hybrid linked mode across multiple clouds – Mixed version support, data sharing, cross-cloud deployments
ESXi Upgrade without a reboot – Hot upgrading of ESXi version
NVMe support
NVM – tech preview
QAT – Quick assistant – roadmap (Chip from Intel) – compression and encryption acceleration
FPGA – roadmap

VMware Cloud on AWS
vSphere, vSAN, and NSX plus vCenter
Consumption model is host level – minimum 4 hosts up to 16 per cluster
Take ~2 hours to deploy
Add a new host in under 10 minutes
DRS can proactively add a new host to load balance
1yr is 30% less than on demand and 3-yr is 50% than on-demand
15-20% more than regular public cloud costs
Cloud is on a quarterly update schedule and will trickle down to on-site installs
Direct connect is optional

VMware AppDefense

Capture, detect, respond
You do not have to have NSX, but is better with it

Bits and Bytes

vSphere 5.0 and 5.1 EOS was 8/24/2016
vSphere 5.5 EOS is 9/9/2018
vCenter on windows going away after the next major version
Flex client (Flash) will not be offered after the next major version


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