VMworld 2017: Extreme Performance

Session: SER2724BU

Performance Best Practice Guide for vSphere 6.5 guide is now out. Download now!

Baseline best practices
-Use the most current release
-HW selection makes a difference
-Refer to best practice guides
-Evaluate power management
-Rightsize your workloads
-Keep hyperthreading enabled
-Use DRS to manage contention
-Do NOT use resource pools – more harm than good
-Monitor oversubscription
-Use paravirtualized drivers

-Compute: Contention – CPU ready, co-stop
-Memory: Oversubscription – balloon, swap
-Storage: Service time – device and kernel latency

-Poor NUMA locality (N%L)
-pNUMA does not match vNUMA
-VM config should match physical topology (don’t make wide VMs)
-Don’t create a VM with a larger vCore count than pCores

Keep things up to date
-Virtual hardware can make a performance difference
-38 changes were made in vHW 11 alone
-Use latest vHW

Power Management
-New in 6.5 is %A/MPERF in ESXtop to see power management. Over 100% means turbomode.
-“Balanced” mode allows turbomode
-Always set BIOS to “os controlled”
-High performance caps turbo opportunity – good for large VMs – required for latency sensitive workloads
-“high performance mode” should be used for benchmarking since it results in the most stable results

-25% more performance, approximately
-Latest processes may be higher performance

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