VMworld 2017: Day 1 Keynote

Note: This week I’ll be live blogging from VMworld 2017. As always, this will be live, and so please excuse my typos and grammar issues.

Pat Gelsigner walks on stage. This is Pat’s 6th VMworld and he became CEO 5 years ago. Pat mentions the disaster in Houston and sends his prayers and thoughts.

Pat talks about science fiction now becoming fact. Quantum entanglement, zika resistant mosquitoes, self-driving cars, etc. Tech has left the nest. Tech is now restructuring entire industries.Digital media has now surpassed revenues for traditional media. Mentions real player and winamp. Some industries are only 1/10 of the way to a digital transformation. 200 years ago 85% of families were involved in agriculture. Today it’s 1-2%. Today is about higher paying jobs and higher quality life.

Fundamentally companies have to reshape themselves in the digital age. VMware vision: Any cloud, any application, any device. An ebb and flow between centralized computing and de-centralized computing (e.g. cloud moving to edge). Apps and IoT is exploding data. Pat mentions VMware Pulse IoT partnership in beta with Toyota and Fujitsu.

Apps are about unleashing your potential, on any device. Consumer simple but enterprise secure. Apps and identity; Management and security; Desktop and mobility. Airwatch manages iOS, Chomebooks, Android, Windows, etc. HP announces the partnership with VMware for Workspace ONE into HP’s managed services offering.

Sanjay Poonen comes on stage with a Captial One rep (Jennifer) to talk about EUC. Captial one bills themselves as a tech company that happens to also be a bank. They are an AirWatch and Workspace ONE customer. They want a consistent and unified experience, and they now have it. On the horizon: machine learning.

Back to Pat.

Private cloud – VMware has now virtualized the datacenter.

Today: A faster and simpler solution is needed. VMware Cloud Foundation with automated lifecycle management. V2.2 is now announced. Hyperconverged: vSAN has 10,000 customers. VMware vSphere 6.5 is mentioned.

Public cloud: VMware and AWS partnership. Welcomes the CEO (Andy Jassy) of AWS to the stage. The same operational consistency between on-site and public cloud. Flash a number of early beta customers on the screen. And they show a partner ecosystem slide with DXC, Accenture, and others. All availability zones will have a VMware option by the end of 2018.

VMware cloud strategy: Make private cloud easy, deep partnership, expand partner network

Consistent operational environments across clouds: Google, AWS, etc. That’s what VMware Cloud Services is all about. NSX is a common networking feature across clouds. Consistent infrastructure, consistent operations, richest network, delivering IT agility.

Sanjay Poonen back on stage with Medtronic (Medical device company). Company vision has changed from a medical device company to a services company.

Pat is back.

At the heart of everything VMware is doing is networking, and by extension, NSX. VMware is stretching NSX into the public cloud and containers. NSX will be as important to VMware as vSphere was the last 10 years.

Sanjay Poonen is back with a Cloud Architect from Sysco. NSX for them has been transformative. They are deploying microsegmentation today. Sysco also uses Workspace ONE. Currently transforming into product teams internally. Looking at micro-services, containers.

Pat is back.

Most important topic: Security. Attack vectors become more and more complex. “We the tech industry” have failed the customers. VMware has three parts to address this: Secure the infrastructure, integrated ecosystem, cyber hygiene.

Five pillars of cyber hygiene: Least privilege, microsegmentation, encyrption, multi-factor authentication, patching.

Workspace ONE and Airwatch bring together consistent management. vSAN encyrption. Most of security today is “chasing bad”. “Ensuring good” is better than trying to find all of the bad.

Introducing VMware Appdefense: Capture intended application, machine learning, then a network service. Real-time detection for deviation from good. Automate response.

Pat brings an IBM rep on to talk about their AppDefense partnership and excitement around the collaboration.




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