VMware Workstation/Fusion and vSphere 6.5b Released

Hot off the press, are three updates for VMware products. First, Workstation Pro 12.5.4 was released, which addresses a critical security issue. According to VMware “This vulnerability might allow a guest to execute code on the operating system that runs VMware Workstation 12 Pro.” You can read the full release notes here. The dowload is available here. Fusion was also struck by the same bug, and has been updated to 8.5.5. Those release notes are here.

Applicable to a broader audience, is a minor patch release for vSphere 6.5, called vSphere 6.5b. Not much is “new”…just enhancement to timezone features, and additional HTML5 Web client functionality. A number of bugs are addressed, which is to be expected. One notable change is that users without any vCenter permissions are now not able to login to the web client. Previously, any user (typically via AD) could login to the web client but they would not see any inventory since they had zero permissions. Now, unless you have explicit vCenter permissions it will not allow you to login.

The full vSphere 6.5b release notes are located here.

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