VMware Horizon 7.1 is now GA

About a month ago, VMware released news of an updated version of Horizon, version 7.1. As it turns out, the day it was announced I was at a customer site doing a Horizon install and they were all excited about the 7.1 features. They were most interested in Blast Extreme with the adaptive transport. Now, the wait is finally over to get your hands on the bits. In case you missed what’s new 7.1, check out this great VMware blog post here.

A small sample of new features includes:

VMware Blast Extreme
URL Content Redirection Enhancements
Horizon for Linux 7.1 Desktops Enhancements
Improved Smart Card Authentication
Enhanced Instant Clones
Pod Cloud Architecture Enhancements
ADM and ADMX Template files
Enhanced IPv6 Support

And more!

Full release notes are here.

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