Critical Zerto 5.0 update for Nutanix customers

If you are a Nutanix customer, and using Zerto, Zerto has release a very critical patch. Unpatched, the bug could result in data integrity issues. This has been seen in the field, particularly with Microsoft SQL. So it’s very imperative that you review the Zerto release notes and upgrade to Zerto 5.0 U2 ASAP.

The issue manifests itself during CVM failover operations and result in lost writes.  These failover operations are normally transparent to the guest, and in no way interrupt the normal I/O data path. The Nutanix business critical apps team was able to reproduce the issue in house at will, and confirmed Zerto 5.0 U2 has resolved the issue. Zerto is a great partner, and they were extremely helpful in resolving this issue. The issue is not exclusive to SQL, but is more readily apparent since DBAs do routine integrity checks which will fail if the bug has been triggered.

I do not know if versions prior to 5.0 U2 (such as the 4.x version) will receive the patch. Check with your Zerto account team. If the patch won’t be back ported, then you need to plan on upgrading to 5.0 U2 ASAP. We have many joint customers, that absolutely love the Zerto features coupled with Nutanix simplicity.

My boss, Michael Webster, also has a write up about this issue which you can find here.

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