VMworld 2016: What’s new with vSphere

Session: INF8375

What happened since VMworld 2015?

  • End of availability of C# client in next major release
  • HTML5 web client fling
  • 6.0 U2 – Q1 2016
  • Pricing and packaging changes – No more vSphere “enterprise” edition, or vSOM standard and enterprise.
  • End of sale of vSphere 5.0 and 5.1 (August 24, 2016)
  • Open source of PowerShell by Microsoft. Future PowerCLI for Mac/Linux.
  • Unix to Linux Migration

Tech Previews

  • vCenter Server Appliance migration tool from Windows vCenter
  • vCenter Install, Upgrade and Patching – Enhanced patching (VUM replacement)
  • vCenter High availability – RTO < 10 minutes (active/passive)
  • VM Level encryption – Encrypted VMDKs and configuration files
  • Automation – Predictive capability in DRS. Evolves DRS to use vRealize operations data.
  • Proactive HA – Detects potential host issues and evacuate host prior to failure.
  • Network aware DRS
  • HTML5 Client

New Friends Coming Online

  • vSphere Integrated Containers – Native docker interface, container management portal, container registry.
  • VMware Integrated Open Stack 3.0
  • Photon Platform – Web-scale enterprise container infrastructure. Scales to 1000s of nodes, 1Ms container
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