VMworld 2015: vCenter Server HA

Session INF4945

Why is vCenter HA important?

  • Primary administrative console
  • Critical component in end-to-end cloud provisioning
  • Foundation for VDI
  • Backup and DR solutions rely on vCenter
  • vCenter target availability is 99.99% from VMware’s design perspective (5 min a month)


Make every layer of the vCenter stack HA

  • vCenter DB
  • Host
  • SAN
  • Network
  • DC power and cooling

Reduce dependencies to improve nines

  • In moving from 5.1 and 5.5 to 6.0 you see a consolidation of vCenter services into VMs (e.g. just PSC and vCenter in 6.0)
  • vCenter 5.5 U3 supports SQL AAGs
  • vCenter 6.0 U1 supports SQL AAGs

Hardware/Host Failure protection: vSphere HA

  • Test tested solution
  • Protects against hardware failures
  • Some downtime for failover
  • Easy to setup and manage
  • DRS rules can be leveraged
  • High restart priority for vCenter components

Hardware/host failure protection: vSphere FT

  • Continuous availability with zero downtime and data loss
  • vCenter tested with FT for 4 vCPUs or less (only the ‘tiny’ and ‘small’ deployments fit)
  • About 20% overhead
  • Downtime during guest OS patching

Application failure protection: Watchdog

  • Watchdog monitors and protects vCenter applications
  • Automatically enabled on install on VCSA and Windows
  • On failure watchdog attempts to restart processes, if restart fails then VM is rebooted
  • Separate watchdog per vCenter server component

Application failure protection: Windows Server Failover clustering

  • Provides protection against OS level and application downtime
  • Provides protection for database
  • Some downtime during failure
  • Reduces downtime during OS patching
  • Tested with vCenter 5.5 and 6.0

Platform Services Controller HA

  • Two models: Embedded PSC or external PSC
  • PSC high availability in 6.0 requires a third party load balancer (removed in future vSphere versions)
  • Multiple PSC nodes in same site

vCenter Backup

  • Backup both embedded PSC and external PSC configurations
  • Recover from failures to vCenter node, PSC node or both
  • When vCenter node restored, it connects to PSC and reconciles the differences
  • When PSC node restored, it replicates from the other nodes
  • Uses VADP
  • Out-of-the box integration with VMware VDP

Tech Preview (vSphere 6.1?): Native HA

  • Native active-passive HA
  • Uses witness
  • No third party technology needed
  • Recover in minutes (target is 15 minutes), not hours
  • Protects against hardware, host and application failures
  • No shared storage required
  • 1-click automated HA setup
  • Fully integrated into the product
  • Out of box for the VCSA
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