VMworld 2015: Horizon Air at Low Cost

Session: EUC6082

Quick DaaS Overview

  • Desktop as a service from VMware
  • Tiered role separation, user experience, enterprise integration, choice of device, security
  • Offerings: Public cloud: VMware Horizon Air, Horizon DaaS powered service provider; Private cloud
  • Cloud makes complex easy

Typical Deployment Model

  • MPLS link from on-prem to VMware cloud services
  • End users access resources by corp network or internet
  • Breadth of services: Windows Client, Windows Server, RDS hosted apps, RDS session based desktops

User Experience

  • Disruptive technology
  • Lowest cost per end user, Performance, Manageability
  • Access Horizon air desktops and apps from almost any device
  • Easy access to all Windows and online resources. SaaS, Office 365, Google Apps, Virtual desktops
  • Seamless experience across devices
  • Client drive redirection for VDI and RDSH.
  • Rich media graphics for NVIDIA GRID vGPU


  • New Management console
  • Single pane of glass experience
  • Task based wizards, common workflows
  • HTML5 and API driven
  • Instant clone technology (Project Fargo)
  • Literally gives you a Windows VM in ~3 seconds
  • Just-in-time desktop


  • Just-in-time app model
  • Complete application lifecycle management

Disruptive Result

  • Use logon time 3 seconds
  • User persona at boot time
  • User install apps in minutes
  • Cost per end user – Sub $20 (concurrent)


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