VMworld 2015: Day 2 keynote

Sanjay Poonen (VMware, EUC)

  • We live in a fantastic world transformed by smart phones
  • VMware is laser focused on EUC. Any application any device.
  • Consumer grade interfaces with enterprise security
  • According to IDC VMware leapfrogged Citrix for EUC
  • AirWatch is a market share leader
  • Jim Alkove from Microsoft comes on stage.
  • Jim talks about the security of Windows 10. Sanjay talks about device management built into Windows 10.
  • Windows 10 is designed to be easily managed..including by AirWatch.
  • VMware Workspace management. Shows Windows 10 joining a Work network and being managed by AirWatch.
  • AirWatch and AppVolumes have been integrated with each other. AppVolumes supports physical devices.
  • Single Sign on with AirWatch with lots of mobile apps (50-100 top apps like DocuSign)
  • Shows a demo of NSX and AirWatch integration. Easily allow/deny apps to access server resources. Micro-segmentation.

Sr. VP & GM Networking Martin Casado

  • The application has evolved into a network
  • Infrastructure has evolved into a software platform
  • NSX 6.2 supports Hytrust integration. NSX 6.2 was announced this week and is a huge release.
  • Three big drivers: Security, Automation, application continuity
  • VMware talks about network encryption.
  • Net security challenge: running trusted services on untrusted physical infrastructure
  • Distributed network encryption with NSX
  • Data-at-rest encryption (VMDKs)

Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO

  • In Q3 2019, half of the world’s population will be on the internet
  • 87% connected in North America
  • In 2015 people average 3 connected devices, but will average almost 6 in 2020
  • iOS app revenue exceeds the entire film industry
  • Unified hybrid cloud is the future
  • Protecting people, apps and data
  • Virtualization enabled 2x the security at half the cost
  • Rule #1 for the cloud: automate everything
  • Half of the tech 100 list will disappear
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