VMworld 2015: Hot topics in VMware R&D

  • Moore’s Law: Old faithful + rising tide
  • In the future Moore’s law will be less predictable
  • Moore’s law may end around 2020 or 2022
  • Silicon lattice will be a limiting factor in how small transistors can go
  • Past 40 years the industry has marched towards homogeneous (x86, ARM, CMOS, etc.)
  • Happening now: swing back towards heterogeneous tech base
  • Current uses for increased transistor budget: more thread or cores.
  • Future uses for transistors: specialized scenarios such as GPUs, crypto, image DSP, etc.
  • Emergent compute fabric: constellation of specialized compute units
  • Compound challenges: Distributed resources, concurrency, heterogeneity
  • What is needed: revised OS abstraction/stack layers, revised role for compilers, reduced role of programmers
  • System software is living in the past: OSes built for CPU+disk+network world
  • OS thinks accelerators are I/O devices – Not good
  • Coming soon: Creativity + algorithms
  • Big data: can’t read it all efficiently. Big distributed systems: can’t know exactly what’s going on at every single moment
  • Main tools: randomization: If you don’t know something for sure, make a guess
  • Load balancing can work with hashing, but it does not scale effectively.
  • Power of two: Pick two random bins, and place the data in the least loaded bin.
  • Consistency: Past – Error prone transactions to ACID and strong consistency.
  • Consistency future: weak consistency and massive scale.
  • Transactional journey: DBMS (SQL) to NoSQL (Cassandra) to NewSQL (ZooKeeper, MongoDB)
  • Today’s data technology inefficiency: a complex software stack
  • VMware developed Corfu and it’s open source in GitHub
  • Internet of things: Link the physical and virtual worlds
  • Past 40 years: batch computing moving to interactive
  • Coming soon: interactive moving to proactive computing
  • Systems that anticipate our needs and act on our behalf
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