Nutanix Acropolis is Citrix Ready

Just over two months ago Nutanix took the covers off our Acropolis hypervisor at our .Next Conference in Miami. Even prior to that announcement, Nutanix has been working behind the scenes with a number of close partners for ecosystem support. I’m very proud to announce that today that Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp customers can use the Acropolis Hypervisor as it was Certified as Citrix Ready! The hypervisor itself is free, and can be run on any Nutanix platform.

CitrixReady Costs are always closely scrutinized when deploying VDI, so taking the hypervisor cost out of the equation is always a plus. Nutanix has a number of VDI features like shadow clones which really make hosting desktops a rock solid solution. Plus you can linearly scale out one node at time, as your VDI population increases.

With today’s announcement, if you are customer and want to run XenDesktop or XenApp hosted VDI on Nutanix both you can have the confidence of Citrix Ready certification. This partnership will roll out in phases, and this is just the first phase. Nutanix is all about uncompromising simplicity. Nutanix will provide automation scripts to ease the process of deploying your VMs. Expect future developments in this area (and others) to make the integration and mutual support even tighter.

This great partnership brings together the best in the VDI world: Citrix XD/XA and the Nutanix platform. You can’t get a better VDI stack anywhere else.

You can read the Business Wire press release here, and the Nutanix press release here.

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