Microsoft Ignite: Keynote

So here we are, at Microsoft Ignite 2015 in Chicago. This is the first ever Ignite conference, a combination of TechEd and other conferences into one HUGE venue. Whenever I attend conferences I live blog, and this will be no exception. Today we are graced by Satya Nadella, the Microsoft CEO plus a parade of other execs. This is also being live streamed, and billed as the largest online Microsoft event ever.

Let’s get started!

Satya Nadella comes on stage

  • Microsoft has significant momentum in the last 12 months
  • We are the only company that cares about both businesses and people and brining them together
  • Empower: Every person and every organization
  • Mobile First, Cloud First
  • Mobile first- The mobility of the experience across many different devices
  • The cloud is the back-end for this experience
  • Security, privacy, data sovereignty, regulations: devices, apps, data, cloud
  • We move from driving IT solutions to driving business innovation and leadership
  • Three ambitions: Create more personal computing, intelligent cloud, reinvent productivity & business processes
  • Create more personal computing: Mobility experience, natural interactions, most trusted platform, innovative new hardware, Windows as a service
  • Windows 10 is not just another release, it is a new generation of Windows. It’s Windows as a service.
  • Announce today: Windows Update for business.
  • Reinvent productivity: Built-in dual use, mobile, social, intelligent, collaborative.
  • New scenarios: Cortana, Sway, Delve, Power BI, sales and productivity. People-centric security and compliance.
  • Announcement: Office 2016 preview, SKype for business
  • More announcements: New builds of Server 2016, System Center 2016, and SQL 2016
  • Introducing an advanced analytics solution for ATP threats, and take actions to isolate and protect
  • Announcing: Azure Stack, new Operations Management suite

The CEO of Real Madrid comes on stage. They have 450 million engaged users. New app is coming on May 19th.

Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President comes on stage

  • 3 main ways of focusing on Win10 for end user: Easy upgrades and immediately be productive; more security; better ways to interact like Cortana
  • Shows off new start menu: Most used apps list, recently added list, common tasks, Jump lists added back
  • New task bar button to bring up alt-tab windows
  • Multiple desktop support in Windows 10
  • Shows off Cortana leveraging local search/index to find content such as PPT decks
  • Microsoft Edge (the new browser): Edge has a familiar “E” icon. Edge is a universal app.
  • Microsoft translator extension for reading mode in Edge
  • Office 2016 will come as a Windows universal app
  • Write your app once, and it adapts to phone to PC to surface to XBOX one to Hololens
  • He demos continuum where a phone is docked, and turns into a PC with keyboard and mouse
  • Shows off a webcam using biometrics to sign in within a second or two
  • Shows off Word 2016 encrypting documents, and having them show up in green in Explorer

Next up on stage: Gurdeep Singhal

  • By 2020 the majority of the workforce will be Millenials
  • 10,000 babyboomers retire each day in the US
  • Content co-creation with Word 2016
  • Shows off a video of HoloLens

Julia takes stage

  • Office 365 video portal: YouTube for the enterprise
  • Shows off a new Office 365 portal that shows your meeting history, email usage, and other analytics
  • Shows off Word 2016 co-authoring where realtime updates are shown on the screen, pixel by pixel
  • Surface hub: 84″, 4K, wifi, NFC, Bluetooth, cameras, touch, etc.

On stage: Brad Anderson, Corp vice president

  • Security is the #1 concern of the enterprise
  • Azure Active Directory is the basis of enterprise security
  • Demos “Device Guard” in Windows 10
  • Azure Remote App – Upload an app to Azure and stream down
  • Shows off several identity security demos with Azure AD
  • Shows off Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics..just went into preview today
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