Ignite 2015: VMM Overview & Roadmap

Session: BRK2473

Note: This session was 50% about what’s new in VMM 2012 R2, with 15-20 minutes on what’s new in VMM 2016. My take away is that MS is trying to listen to customers and make the product easier to use. But don’t expect any radical changes in VMM (which I think are needed) …just specific feature updates to keep up with the Hyper-V platform. They didn’t stay very long on the VMM 2016 slide, so I didn’t capture everything. See the session recording if you want the full scoop.

SCVMM 2012

Update Rollup 6 was just released – New functionality added

VMM team is now shipping new features in URs, versus having to wait for an entire new release

Microsoft made a point of including user and automated feedback into the design of VMM, and bug fixes.

New Improvements in UR5/UR6:

  • DHCP extension update
  • New Linux OS versions added
  • Maintenance mode behavior fixed
  • Improved performance over WAN links
  • Quicker VM deletion
  • SQL 2014 support
  • Integrate SAN remote replication with ASR
  • New management of vSphere 5.5
  • Added Azure & AWS connectivity & VM support
  • ..many other on the list

Want to get early drops? http://aka.ms/joford

VMM 2016:

  • Ease of use – workflow for host and storage cluster creation; simplified logical switch creation and deployment; Flexible bare mental provisioning; Improved diff disk managment
  • Security and Infrastruture – Deploy guarded hosts, manage guarded hosts, protect tenant secrets, improved state consistency
  • Expanded fabric management – Storage replication automation using Azure site recovery; Scale-out file server with SAN storage automation; storage QoS policy management.
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