Ignite 2015: Platform Vision: Storage

Session: BRK2485

What is SDS?

  • Cloud-inspired infrastructure and design – Commodity HW, cost efficiencies
  • Evolving technologies – Flash, network performance, VMs and containers
  • Data explosion – Device proliferation, modern apps
  • Scale out with simplicity – Integrated solutions, rapid time to solution, policy-based management

Storage Customer choice: Private cloud with traditional storage (SAN/NAS), private cloud with Microsoft SDS (Azure stack storage), hybrid cloud storage (StorSimple with Azure storage), public cloud storage (Azure storage) Where are we today in the SDS journey? -Goes into details about WS2012 R2 solutions, including those from Dell. What’s in Technical Preview 2 of WS2016?

  • Reliability – Cross-site availability and DR, improved tolerance to transient failures
  • Scalability – Manage noisy neighbors and demand surges, deploy mixed workloads in shared environment
  • Manageability – Easier migration to the new OS version
  • Reduced cost – More cost-effective by using volume HW, use SATA and NVMe in addition to SAS

Storage QoS

  • Simple out of box behavior – Enabled by default on scale out file server, automatic metrics per VHD, VM, host, volume; includes normalized IOPs and latency
  • Flexible and customizable policies – Policy per VM, VHD, service or tenant; fair distribution within policy
  • Management – System Center VMM and Ops Manager; PowerShell built-in for Hyper-V and SoFS

Rolling Upgrades

  • Simple – Rolling upgrade within cluster
  • Seamless – Zero downtime for Hyper-V and scale-out file server

VM Storage resiliency: reliability

  • Resiliency – Freezes VMs if storage path is lost
  • Visibility –

Storage Replica

  • Protection of key data and workloads
  • Synchronous replication – Storage agnostic mirroring with crash-consistent volumes
  • Increase resilience – Metro distance clustering
  • Complete solution – End-to-end for storage and clustering
  • Streamlined management – GUI management for nodes and clusters

Storage Spaces Direct

  • Cloud Design points and management – Standard servers with LOCAL storage, supports NVMe
  • Reliability, scalability, flexibility – Fault tolerance to disk, enclosure and node failures
  • Use cases – Hyper-V IaaS storage, hyperconverged
  • Partners: HP Apollo 2000, Quanta D51PH, Lenovo x3650, Dell, Cisco
  • Uses ReFS as the underlying filesystem

Azure-consistent storage (future preview)

  • Consistent – Azure consistent blob, table, and account management for on prem
  • Integrated – Deployed as Microsoft Azure stack cloud services
  • Manageable – Azure cmdlets, APIs and templates
  • Scalable – PaaS services as front-end, high-performance scale-out IaaS via internal SMB

Demo shows 100Gb NIC and NVMe Direct Storage with <1ms latency and 11GB (bytes) throughput over 1 network port. WOW! They literally saturated a 100Gb NIC with SMB traffic. Approximately 20% CPU utilization.



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