Ignite 2015: New Windows Containers

Session: Brk2493

Datacenter inflection points: Physical machines, machine virtualization; Infrastructure hosting – early cloud; services IaaS, PaaS, SaaS; Containers – DevOps

Container Ecosystem: Container run-time; Container image; Image Repository

Image Creation: When a container is created it is a sanboxed area in the host operating system. An app thinks it is running on regular Windows, with NO differences. You can then package up that container and put it into a library. The container contains the OS image and app. The packages are immutable.

Demo: Showed off spinning up a Windows OS container in ~5 seconds, running CMD commands, then exiting and the container was deleted.

Demo: Showed a Visual Studio app that prints a string when run in a container. Changes the app (breaks it) and shows that v2 is broken in a container. Shows running v1 seconds later, which still works. Images are immutable.

You can constrain a container to x amount of CPU or network resources.

Ideal for distributed compute, scale out, databases, tasks, and web servers.

V1 support for containers: Nano server (born in the cloud) and server core (Traditional apps, highly compatible).

Container runtimes: Windows Server container; Hyper-V container. You can select the runtime by a docker flag. It truly is a runtime selection. Uses the exact same packages.

Works with many development frameworks like PHP, Go, Python, Node, Perl, Ruby, etc.

Containers are a new way of deploying applications, and also developing them. There is no SDK for containers. You just write for Windows, and containers are only how it’s packaged and deployed.

Container apps won’t work if you need physical access to devices.

What’s next? Summer preview of Windows server will feature containers. Hyper-V container preview will come later this year.

Microsoft will build NAT into Containers.

Demo: shows opening a RDP session into a container.

Day 1 container support will likely be for SQL and IIS. MS program mangers are working together to determine what other MS products will run in containers.

Docker hub will support Windows containers.





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