Ignite 2015: Microsoft Edge Overview

Session: BRK1301

Microsoft Edge:

  • Enables new experiences on the web
  • Powered by a new rendering engine
  • Works with Internet Explorer 11 to provide interoperability and compatibility

State of the web:

  • IE is 20 years old
  • IE has a lot of proprietary features
  • IE9 10 11 include a lot of modern standards

Evolving world of computing:

  • Multiple form factors
  • Always online
  • Smarter, more personal
  • Natural user input

Microsoft Edge:

  • Only browser with Cortana
  • Offline viewing
  • Draw on web pages
  • Edge is considered a browser as a service, whereas IE 11 is a product
  • Demos typing in math into the header, or searching on the age of Brad Pitt with instant results
  • No Active-X controls, no Java. Supports JavaScript extensions.
  • Flash and PDF viewers are built in
  • New Reading mode to remove clutter on the screen
  • Built for Windows 10, universal platform with frequent updates
  • Manageable through MDM and Group Policy
  • Built on top of modern security protections. 64-bit period. Enhanced protected mode is always on.
  • No binary extensions

EdgeHTML Web Engine

  • Compatibility vs. interoperability
  • IE had interop issues with some web sites because they refused to do proprietary functionality like iPad drop down menus.
  • Interoperability for Windows 10 only
  • Up-to-date web engine
  • Software as a service for modern sites
  • More secure with no binary extensions
  • They’ve made 4261 interoperability improvements
  • New features preview: http://status.modern.ie

Web Apps:

  • Universal apps can just be a packaged up wrapper for a web site
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