Ignite 2015: Exchange 2016

Session: FND2204

  • Superior performance and reliability – fault tolerance and self-healing baked in
  • Robust, Proven architecture
  • Flexible, future-ready foundation
  • Deeply integrated with other products

Office 365 introduces the new features, baked, refined, then packaged into Exchange 2016. Final release will be fall/winter 2015 Exchange 2016 focus areas: Better collaboration, smarter inbox, mobile productivity, modern datacenter, security and compliance.

Better Collaboration

  • On-premises, Exchange 2016, SharePoint 2016, Office web apps server 2016
  • Hybrid: Documents stored in Office 365, but the rest is on premises
  • Shows a demo of attaching a file to an Outlook message. New file picker and larger attachment icon/description. Files in sharepoint are automatically permissioned to edit the file (or view only).
  • Shows another demo of OWA, where you edit an attachment in OWA, it automatically downloads it, lets you edit, and reattaches all in one step.

Smart Inbox

  • 25% of Exchange online people have a 0 message inbox each day
  • Most people just search on a single word
  • Search enhancements: Faster search performance, more accurate results, more complete results
  • Search goes back to the Exchange server for results
  • You now get search suggestions and fuzzy matches
  • You can now search calendars in OWA

Exchange 2016 now supports a REST API for easy extensibility. OpenSource examples on GitHub.

Demos a number of OWA 2016 enhancements, ported from Outlook.com and Office 365. Shows a demo of the new Outlook.com application available for iOS and Android.

Exchange 2016 Architecture

  • Mailbox and CAS roles are combined
  • Automated repair: Find DB corruption, loose truncation (long term outages won’t dismount a DB), ReFS support
  • Faster Recovery – Faster database failovers (18 seconds), faster site resilience, DAG management service, replay lag manager on by default.
  • simpler deployment – Azure file share witness, DAGs without cluster admin access points, max preferred active
  • Reduced IOPS requirement by 22%

Exchange Hybrid

  • Hybrid configuration wizard now cloud-deployed
  • Works with Exchange 2013 and 2016

Security and Compliance

  • Adding more sensitive information types to Exchange (more than 30)
  • DLP enhancements
  • DLP protection for SharePoint and OneDrive content
  • New auditing architecture and schema
  • Same audit structure as Office 365
  • Redesigned search pipeline and improved speed and reliability
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