Top Blogger Voting in Full Swing!

2015-03-03_7-55-50 Each year Eric Siebert over at spends an enormous amount of time setting up the top blogger voting. This recognizes the very hard work that the top bloggers do, and the support they give to the community. Recognition is always fun, but shouldn’t be the primary purpose to blog.

So this year you, again, have your chance to vote for the top bloggers in various categories. When voting, think about what is important to you in a blogger. More ‘newsy’, or hard-core how-articles, or are they more opinion based? How frequently do they post? Do you keep referring back to them, or do they provide scripts/tools that make your job easier? Do they repeat content from other sites/sources or is it original?

Those are some of the criteria I think about when putting in my vote. As a quick year in review for my blog I’ve been consistently updating my vCenter 5.5 SSL toolkit, did a long SQL 2014 Always-On How-To series, live blogged from VMworld 2014 and PEX 2015, plus some Nutanix content.

Weigh in your mind which content has been most valuable to you, then vote based on that information. Last year I made it to #12, which I think had a lot to do with the popular vCenter SSL toolkit. This year I’ll be covering vSphere 6.0 and providing an updated SSL Toolkit.

Voting only runs for two weeks, so take 5 minutes out of your day right now and vote here. Don’t delay or you might forget. Also, remember you can only vote once. So don’t try and game the system, as Eric keeps a close watch out for duplicate or fake votes.

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