PEX 2015 VCDX Mock Defense Room

For the past several VMware VCDX defenses Nutanix has been excited to sponsor a mock defense hotel room for the candidates to practice their art. I know when I was going through the defense program having the Nutanix sponsored room in San Francisco at PEX 2014 was a truly invaluable experience and greatly contributed to my first time success through the program. This year Thomas Brown from Varrow has been the study group ring leader, and has done a great job of organizing people.

Since PEX 2014 we’ve also sponsored rooms at VMworld 2014, and for the 2014 Palo Alto defenses in October. This just really shows how much Nutanix stands behind the VCDX program, and believes in the quality of people in turns out. In fact, Nutanix now has 11 VCDXs on staff and looks forward to adding even more world-class talent. Outside of VMware we have more VCDXs than several of our biggest competitors combined. Wow!

This coming weekend is crunch time for candidates across the globe. Candidates from several countries will be defending at PEX 2015 in San Francisco. Nutanix has committed to do something special for the candidates coming to PEX 2015!

Nutanix is sponsoring a room this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) at the Hotel Nikko, 222 Mason Street, for mock defenses, troubleshooting, design scenarios, and general preparation. I am working with Mark Brunstad, of VCDX program fame, to get the message out to the local VCDXs, so candidates can benefit from their experience as they prepare for the big day. I hope to have some surprises guests on Sunday for our candidates. I’ll be there the whole weekend helping the candidates prepare.

If you are a VCDX candidate who is flying in this weekend OR an existing VCDX in the Bay Area and you’d like to contribute, you should plan to spend some time at the VCDX mock defense room this weekend! Please Tweet me (@vDereks) to RSVP, and get the details about the schedule. I’m sure you will benefit greatly from the VCDXs’ guidance and experience, as they help prepare you for your defense next week.

Very best of luck to all candidates next week, and I hope to see your names in the VCDX Directory shortly. I’ll also be at PEX 2015 all week, so if you spot me please don’t be shy and come up and say HI! Always fun to meet my readers and get feedback about the blog.

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