VMworld 2014: vSphere HA Best Practices and FT Preview

Session BCO2701. This was very fast paced, and I missed jotting down a lot of the slide content. If you attended VMworld then I recommend you listen to the recording to get all of the good bits of information.

vSphere HA – what’s new in 5.5

  • VSAN Support
  • AppHA integration

What is HA? Protects against 3 failures:

  • Host failures, VM crashes
  • host network isolated and datastore incurs PDL
  • Guest OS hangs/crashes and application hangs/crashes

Best Practices for Networking and Storage

  • Redundant HA network
  • Fewest possible hops
  • Consistent portgroup names and network labels
  • Route based on originating port ID
  • Failback policy = no
  • Enable PortFast
  • MTU size the same

Networking Recommendations

  • Disable host monitoring if network maintenanceis going on
  • vmkinics for vSphere HA on separate subnets
  • Specify additional network isolation addresses
  • Each host can communicate with all other hosts

Storage Recommendations

  • Storage Heartbaeats – All hosts in the cluster should see the same datastores

Best Practices for HA and VSAN

  • Heartbeat datastores are not necessary in a VSAN cluster
  • Add a non-VSAN datastore to cluster hosts if VM MAC address collisions on the VM network are a significant concern
  • Choose a datastore that is fault isolated from VSAN network
  • Isolation address – use the default gateways for the VSAN networks
  • Each VSAN network should be on a unique subnet

vSphere HA Admission Control

  • Select the appropriate admission control policy
  • Enable DRS to maximize likelihood that Vm resource demands are met
  • Simulate failures to test and assess performance
  • Use the impact assessment fling
  • Percentage based is often the best choice but need to recalculate when hosts are added/removed

Tech Previews of  FT

  • FT will support up to v 4CPUs and 64GB of RAM per VM
  • FT now uses separate storage for the primary and secondary VMs
  • New FT method does not keep CPUs in lock step, but relies on super fast check pointing

Tech Preview HA

  • VM Component protection for storage is a new feature
  • Problem: Detects APD and PDL situation
  • Solution: Restarts affected VMs on unaffected hosts
  • Shows a GUI with options for what you want to protect against

Tech Preview of Admission control fling

  • Assesses the impact of losing a host
  • Provides sample scenarios to simulate


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August 28, 2014 10:01 am

Where can I find this impact assessment fling? I don't see it on the VMware Labs site.