VMworld 2014: Site Recovery Manager tech preview

Session BCO1916

Topologies for business continuity

  • “Bunker site” – Core repository of all production data – Supported by SRM today
  • Dedicated sites for prod and DR – Supported by SRM today
  • Bi-directional failover – Supported by SRM today
  • SRM tech preview – active-active datacenter – zero downtime for planned events; typically limited to metro distance

Typical use cases for active-active data centers: Planned maintenance, disaster avoidance, automated recovery

What do you need for an active-active datacenter solution?

  • Stretched storage solution – Distributed data mirroring
  • Stretched network solution – VMware NSX or 3rd party solutions; vMotion supports a max of 10ms RTT latency

vSphere Choices for active-active datacenters

  • Option 1: Stretched vSphere cluster wit a single vCenter – vSphere Metro stretched cluster (vMSC)
  • Option 2: Separate vSphere clusters and a vCenter at each site

Challenges with stretched clusters

  • Think about the availability of a single vCenter managing both sites
  • DRS and HA are not site aware
  • No orchestration or testability today

Active-Active Datacenters with SRM

  • Reuse same orchestrated recovery plan for unplanned failures and continuous availability
  • Non-disruptive testing
  • Local clusters in each site, and DRS/HA work within that site

SRM scenario 1: Local host failure: HA handles failure and no SRM intevention

SRM scenario 2: Disaster avoidance at one site: Execute SRM planned migration with vMotion prior to disaster. gives you an “easy” button

SRM scenario 3: Faster recovery from unplanned failures: Use SRM test capability to prepare for site failure. Execute SRM recovery plan to recover the VMs.

SRM with stretched storage: Existing SRA will continue to work but won’t have active-active support.

The speaker then goes through a full SRM demo, and slides showing the processes happening at each step through a failover and failback.





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