VMworld 2014: Management Product Overview

Session MGT2310S

Evolving customer needs: Do more with less, competing priorities, converged silos, unified management

vRealize Brand – Cloud platform (automation, operations, business)

VMware vRealize Suite: Mobile, social, big data, web-scale: Heterogeneous and hybrid infrastructure

Integrates with git, JUnit, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Yum, Saltstack, SeleniumHQ, Artifactory

vCenter operations management suite is now vRealize Air Operations

vCloud Automation center (vCAC) is now vRealize Air Automation

IT Business management is now vRealize Air Business

Introducing vRealize Air automation (beta): Agility through automated delivery of personalized infrastructure services

They talk about using AWS for development on the LAMP stack, testing, UAT-Load, staging, and production. The new vRealize suite helps in all of these steps. They show a service catalog that has an option to instantiate the LAMP stack on AWS. Showcases continuous delivery for DevOps. They then go through the entire workflow process and see how vRealize suite really does automate the whole DevOps process.



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