VMworld 2014 Keynote Day 1

This is the first general session of the week at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco. We expect several announcements to be made.

Robin Matlock, Chief Marketing Officer, comes on stage. She states that over 22,000 people are at VMworld from 85 countries.

  • Change is either a barrier or opportunity, and which it is depends on your perspective
  • Software defined datacenter allows you to seamlessly expand into the hybrid cloud
  • Since last VMworld VMware has acquired AirWatch (and CloudVolmumes)
  • Robin states that getting involved in your local VMUG is key

Next up to speak is Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO

  • From rigid structures to “Liquid Business”
  • Now: Unpredictable, shared, instant, billions, built to change
  • The Brave will thrive in this new world
  • Pat will hold VMware accountable to be brave, in this new IT world
  • Chart a smart path forward for your business, bravely
  • What must brave IT leaders overcome? Cloud-native apps, developers, off-premise, instant, elastic, and self-service
  • “The power of the AND”
  • Fluid, instant, choice – Three key components


  • vCloud Suite 5.8 – Fit, finish, integration
  • vSphere 6.0 Beta – New use cases
  • VSAN 2.0 beta –
  • Releasing vVols
  • VMware vRealize Suite

One Destination three approaches

  • Buid your own

VMware announces VMware EVO: Hyper-converged infrastructure, the power of the software-defined datacenter

  • First product is the EVO:RAIL – Simple deployment in 15 minutes,
  • Partners: Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, Inspur, NetOne, SuperMicro
  • For a great blog on EVO:RAIL check out Julian here
  • EVO:Rack – 2nd member of the EVO family, power of the EVO at scale. Deploy in two hours or less.  Tech preview.

VMware announces an OpenStack distribution available in beta today. A complete VMware solution that adds to it the OpenStack interfaces. One platform for any situation. VMware APIs + OpenStack APIs.

“Containers without compromise” – Combines Docker, Google, Pivotal, VMware

Project Fargo – Faster more compliant platform. One platform for any application.

Datacenters are “hard and crusty” on the outside by soft on the inside, in terms of security.  Ideally you would put firewalls at every single boundary. SDDC and NSX now enables micro segmentation in the datacenter. Partnering with Arista, Dell, F5 and others.

Recently VMware rebranded vCHS to VMware Air. Expect more “Air” branded products.

Bill Fathers – General Manager VMware vCloud Air

  • Disaster recovery as a service
  • Desktop as a service
  • Platform as a service

vCloud Air

  • Agility, efficiency
  • Public cloud adoption 5 years ago 2% in the cloud. 2014: 6% VMs in public cloud
  • For phases of cloud adoption: Experimental, Professional, Mass Market, Legacy

vCloud Air = Hybrid cloud platform

vCloud Government = Tech preview for US Government customers in Sept 2014

Cloud Air services – DevOps as a service, database as a service (SQL MySQL), object storage (EM VIPR), mobility services, cloud management

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