VMworld 2014: Day 2 Keynote

Today is day two of VMworld 2014 in San Francisco, and to kick off the day is another keynote. Today should be a bit more technical in nature, if they follow the patterns from past years.

First up today is Ben Fathi, office of the CTO of VMware

  • Starts off by recapping all of the announcements made in yesterday’s keynote
  • Today’s reality is that IT is stuck in silos.
  • The power of “&” – Traditional apps and cloud aware apps (run on-prem or in the cloud)
  • The software defined datacenter is a blueprint, and the vCloud suite is a manifestation of SDDC
  • Private cloud, plus hybrid cloud, plus public cloud – The power of “&”

Sanjay Poonen, from the EUC division comes on stage

  • World of end-users and IT is changing
  • Users, Apps, Data
  • End-user computing vision in a mobile-cloud era
  • Secure virtual desktops at the speed of life
  • Three towers: Desktop, mobile, content
  • Leading the desktop industry: Horizon has unified desktops and app delivery; Desktop-as-a-service with Desktone; CloudVolumes for real-time app delivery; Rich user experience with 3D graphics delivered in the mobile cloud area (NVidia partner)
  • Shows a video with lots of 3D graphics and animations
  • Talks about a new Chromebook with an NVidia GPU
  • Leading the industry with enterprise mobility management via the AirWatch acquisition

Kevin Ichhpuran from SAP comes on stage

  • SAP and VMware partner for a mobile environment
  • Pre-integrated solutions lowers TCO and faster integration time

Sanjay comes back on stage

  • Industry leading innovation in content-collaboration
  • Anywhere, anytime access
  • Hybrid development

Kit Colbert, EUC CTO comes on stage

  • Mobile cloud architecture
  • Device are essentially stateless
  • Starts to talk about healthcare industry. Talks about a scenario of the day in the life of a doctor.
  • Shows off Horizon View with healthcare apps from his Mac. The Dr. then transitions to an iPAD and opens up his apps in the same state, with no separate login.
  • In the patient room he badges in and via Horizon he opens high resolution data from a thin client
  • Kit then shows off Airwatch, and how it can enforce device compliance and sharing patient data
  • Talks about “content locker” and shows how doctors from different hospitals can secure share data an collaborate
  • Talks about the simplify of AirWatch to provision apps to mobile devices
  • Kit shows off a demo of CloudVolumes and instantly delivers apps to desktops, like PowerPoint
  • Virtual desktop setup process is time consuming. Project Fargo enables 30x faster desktop provisioning
  • Shows project Fargo to clone a desktop in a second, and uses CloudVolumes to provision apps instantly
  • Just-in-time desktops
  • Unified experience, any device anywhere
  • Customers driving industry change

Raghu Raghuram, EVP software defined datacenter

  • You are team SDDC
  • Software-defined datacenter momentum
  • NSX is now GA – 150+ customers
  • Management: vRealize Suite #1 in cloud management
  • Delivering the power of “&” to the datacenter
  • One destination, three approaches: Build your own, Converged Infrastructure, Hyper-converged infrastructure
  • Hyperconverged systems dramatically simplifies the datacenter deployment model
  • EVO enables deployments in 15 minutes
  • Faster-time-to-value. Up to 15,000 exchange mailboxes in one 2U appliance
  • EVO uses VSAN so no external storage is needed
  • Grows up to four EVO rail units, for 16 node cluster
  • Web-based UI
  • You can still use vCenter, but EVO has its own simplified UI
  • Pre-configured with log insight
  • EVO rack is the second offering: vCloud Suite, Virtual SAN, and NSX with switches
  • EVO rack deployment is less than 2 hours for a complete rack
  • VMware integrated OpenStack is now in beta
  • “The best way to run OpenStack is on top of VMware”
  • vCenter integrated OpenStack
  • OpenStack on VMware will be fully supported by VMware
  • Traditional applications for the majority of the datacenter
  • vSphere innovations in vSphere 6.0 beta: Fault Tolerance is expanded to 4 vCPUs; cross-vCenter vMotion;
  • The power of Docker is the ability to move apps from the desktop, to servers to the cloud
  • VMware stated Docker will not replace virtualization. Docker runs best on VMware
  • “Containers without compromise” when using VMware
  • SDDC is one platform for any application – Use VMware or OpenStack APIs or CloudFoundry or OpenContainer API
  • vRealize Suite – Cloud automation, cloud operations, cloud business
  • Cloud Automation as a service beta on vCloud air
  • Significantly increased the performance of the Sphere web client in v6.0
  • NSX enables micro-segmentation in the datacenter
  • Controlled communications paths with 3rd party context – L4 to L7 for AV and IDS/IPS







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